Student Questions

Wake is a weekly gathering on Wednesday nights of our middle and high school students.
We exist to make Jesus known and to help lead students into an encounter with Him in a safe and welcoming environment. We strive to build them up in both their zeal for the Lord and in their understanding of His word.
In scripture we see the word “wake” used in connection with resurrection (Ephesians 5:14) and how Jesus brings us from death to life. “Wake” in the nautical definition is defined as “the result or consequence of something having moved through”. We desire for our student ministry to make an impact on our community by how we live, and that would leave a wake behind us that points others to faith in Jesus.

Wake gathers most Wednesday nights from 6:30-9:00pm at Lifebridge Church throughout the school year, and sporadically throughout the summer. We release a calendar each semester with the dates that we will gather for that specific semester. You can find our updated calendar by clicking here.

The security and well-being of our students is a top priority for our Wake leadership team. We have an excellent security team that serves at each gathering to ensure the safety of our students, as well as a check-in system, and a stationed Orange County Sheriff at each gathering.
Wake is for students in middle school and high school. We welcome students who are in 6th-12th grade.

CREWS is our name for our small groups here at Wake. We have a CREW for each grade and gender. (Example, 6th Grade Girls and 6th Grade Guys through 12th Grade Girls and 12th Grade Guys).

Each CREW has at least two CREW Leaders who have applied to lead their group for the entire school year, and have been interviewed, background checked, and selected by our leadership team.

Our CREWS meet weekly after our gathering in different locations on campus to discuss the message delivered during the service and pray together. We encourage our CREW Leaders to develop meaningful relationships as they step into a discipleship role with their group of students and guide them in their relationships with Jesus.

CREW Hangs are nights that CREW Leaders design a time and place to gather with their students to develop relationships with them and for our students to get to know each other better.

Middle school students are provided the space at the church on the Wednesday night of CREW Hang weeks, and each CREW’s leaders plan an activity for that time (playing video games together, movie night, game night, karaoke night, etc.).

We highly encourage our high school CREWS to gather off-campus during the week during a time that best fits that CREW’s schedule.

Some examples of these CREW gatherings have included fireworks/ice cream night at the Disney Resorts, going to a movie together at Disney Springs, trampoline parks, etc. These nights are held 2-3 times per semester, and are a great way for leaders and students to get to know each other better as they walk alongside each other to grow in Christ.

Passion Camp is our yearly summer camp that we attend as a student ministry. Passion Camp takes place at Daytona Beach for one week and is an incredible opportunity for our students to grow closer to Jesus, as well as one another, while being led in the best worship and teaching there is to offer them.