Crew Questions

A CREW is a group of people doing life together and growing intentionally with God. CREWS are Community.

Joining a CREW is an investment in your personal faith journey. This means you will meet 2 to 4 times each month with a trusted community of people. You’ll have the opportunity to break bread with new friends and grow in God’s Word together. You can count on a set location, time and a leader running the CREW.

Becoming a CREW leader takes you from being a participant at church, to being a leader and change maker within our community. You are committed to growing with God personally and corporately creating a healthy culture for those you are leading. You will be giving 2 to 4 days of your time every month & committing for a minimum of 6 months with all CREW Leaders. If you are ready to jump in, let us know by filling out the CREW Leader Interest Form.

All CREWS meet in homes across our city.

We are constantly working on adding more CREWS and looking for new leaders. Let us know you are interested in finding out when new CREWS are added by filling out the I’m Interested Form,¬†or please consider becoming a new CREWS Leader and start your own.

We are committed to helping every CREW have their own childcare plan in place. While we do not have childcare via the church, we have encourged our leaders to plan as a group for a babysitter(s) and also plan ahead, so that others can prepare. You’ll find notes on each CREW Listing to find out if they are child friendly or not. If you do not find a CREW that works with your family’s needs, please consider becoming a new CREWS Leader.