Lifebridge Women’s Bible Study Homework

+ WEEK 4 HOMEWORK // 4.23.24 – 4.30.24


+ Read entire book of Ruth at least once.

+ Read chapter 4 and follow the Bible study steps of Comprehension and Interpretation. Take notes. Write down your questions!

For Added Insight:

1. Skim over the first 3 chapters of Ruth and note any verses that highlight Naomi’s transformation from loss to abundance; from empty to full.

2. In Ruth 4:11-12 the elders offer a blessing, asking God to prosper Boaz and Ruth. Briefly review some of the history to which they refer: Rachel & Leah in Genesis 29-30, and Perez, Tamar & Judah in Gen. 38, and Matt. 1:1-6. What elements of this history stand out in relation to this story?

3. As you read this blessing given at the city’s gate, (vv. 11-12), how do the words and phrases spoken mean far more than people could know at that time?

*** Begin making a list of some insights you have gained from your study of this book. Are there specific lessons you have learned? Has your faith been strengthened? Do you see any areas that you can apply what you have learned in your own life?


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