Prayer Room


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Prayer Room

We believe that prayer is a privilege (Jeremiah 33:3; Ephesians 6:18; James 5:16). As Pastor Luke mentioned, if the vision we have for our church and for life were so small that we do not feel the deep burden to pray for the power and presence of God to go before us, then we are most likely pursuing a vision crafted by people and not a vision prayerfully from God.

Like Joshua 6, we do not desire to craft a clever way where we might scale a wall in our own strength, but we are desperate to pray for the power of God to go before us, so that the walls might fall.

Our hope in creating this room was to create an intentional space for your family to visit each week to pray for each other as well as for our house and community. Our prayer is that it becomes a safe place for you to write down a prayer request and leave it on the wall, knowing others will be praying for you, too. We also hope that you will take a tag from the wall to pray over throughout the week.

You’ll find this special room located just outside the main auditorium across from the Connection Center near the West entrance.