Passion Week at Lifebridge Church

At Lifebridge Church Kids, we use the Gospel Project for Kids. This is a Christ-centered Bible study curriculum that looks at the big picture of God’s story—the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. Each week our lessons will follow a chronological timeline of Bible events, all the while learning how each story points to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unit 3 (Feb 25 – March 17):

Unit three in the Gospel Project for Kids shows us that God’s solution for sin, which He promised in Eden, became clearer when God made a covenant with Abraham. God promised to bring the Rescuer through Abraham’s family. This family was far from perfect and endured great adversity, but through it all, God remained faithful, revealing that nothing could stop His plan. 

Sunday, March 17 // Recap

Have you ever been afraid because you felt like a duck was watching you? If so, you suffer from Anatidaephobia, which is the scientific name for that fear. And did you know that Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of really, really long words? It’s just cruel to give that fear such a long name. 

The truth is that we all have fears—some that might seem silly like these, and some that are very, very real. This week, we learned that Jacob’s biggest fear was meeting his brother Esau again after hiding from him for twenty years. After all of Jacob’s lies and tricks, and Esau’s threats to kill him, Jacob’s fears were not silly at all.

As he prepared to meet Esau, Jacob prayed to God for protection. That night, a mysterious man wrestled with Jacob for hours. Although the man was stronger than Jacob, Jacob prevailed. Finally, at daybreak, the man wounded Jacob’s side and then God blessed Jacob and changed his name to Israel. God changed Jacob’s name, but even more, He changed his heart. From that moment on, Jacob would look more to God for help than rely on himself. The limp that Jacob had for the rest of his life was a gracious reminder of his need to do this. 

When Jacob cried out to God, God was there to help. Like God was there for Jacob, He is here for us. We do not have to fear the punishment of sin because Jesus has died in our place and paid that punishment. When we trust in Jesus, God forgives us and gives us a new identity. From that moment on, we live as chosen, forgiven, and loved children of God. 

God changed Jacob’s life and gave him a new name, Israel. Jesus came so that we might have a changed life, forgiven of sin. Jesus’ death and resurrection provided sinful people the way to be adopted into God’s family. When we trust in Jesus, we also receive a new name—children of God.

The Lord does whatever pleases Him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.

Psalm 135:6

1. How does God change us when we begin to follow Jesus?  

God gave Jacob a new name—Israel. Anytime someone has an encounter with God they are changed forever. When we meet Jesus and decide to follow Him, our lives will never be the same. Just like Jacob, God gives us a new name. When we trust in Jesus we become children of God, part of His family. We have the Holy Spirit Who helps us become more like Jesus. He helps us to be kind, loving, peaceful, joyful, and merciful. 

2. Have you ever been angry with someone who apologized and asked for forgiveness? Were you willing to forgive that person? How did it feel to forgive? 

Esau became angry when Jacob tricked him—so angry that Jacob thought Esau would try to kill him! That’s why he ran away. It was many years later, but Esau did eventually forgive Jacob for stealing his blessing and birthright. It’s not always easy to forgive someone who hurts us. It’s usually pretty tempting to do something to hurt them in response. But God calls us to show kindness to those who hurt us and forgive them. We can forgive others because we have been forgiven by God for our sin.

3. How has God blessed you and provided for you this week? 

Remind the kids that Jacob clung to the angel of the Lord and begged to be blessed. When we start to look around at our lives we realize just how many ways God blesses us. We can be thankful for what He has given us! Consider reading or inviting a kid to read 2 Cor. 9:8. God gives to us abundantly. God can never give so much that there is less of Him. He is happy to give us everything we need, so we can trust Him to provide for and bless us. 

4. How did God change Jacob?  

God not only blessed Jacob, He gave Jacob a new name. Jacob meant “deceiver.” He had tricked his father and cheated his brother. Jacob’s new name was Israel, which meant “struggles with God.” God changed Jacob from the inside out. He gave Jacob a limp, humbling him. From then on, Jacob would look to God, not himself, for everything he needed. (Read Prov. 22:4.)

5. How can God use difficult circumstances for our good?  

Guide kids to consider how difficulties can draw us closer to God, leading us to turn away from sin and depend completely on Him. Remind kids that Jacob clung to God because he knew he would have no success apart from God’s blessing. Desperation and dependence may seem like weakness, but that place of humility is where we find the power of God. (Read 2 Cor. 1:8-9.)

6. How does God change us?

When we trust in Jesus, God changes us from the inside out. Jesus forgives our sin and adopts us into His family. When we are adopted into the family of God, we also receive a new name and identity—children of God. He blesses us and gives us the mission of telling others about Him. (Read 1 John 3:1.)

Supplies Needed: Saucer, Salt, Pepper, Plastic spoon and Microfiber Cloth

+ Sprinkle a generous amount of salt on a saucer, then sprinkle a layer of pepper over the salt.

+ Explain that the salt represents the way God originally created people without sin and reflecting His image to the world. The pepper represents the sin that we are born in.

+ Next, rub a plastic spoon multiple times over a microfiber cloth to build up a static charge on the spoon.

+ Pass the spoon over the pepper and watch it “jump” off the salt.

+ Like Jacob, we are all born in sin. There is nothing we can do to please God or earn His forgiveness, but God has shown His love by sending Jesus through Jacob’s family to rescue us from sin. Jesus’ work on the cross removes our sin and provides forgiveness when we believe in Him.