Lifebridge Kids Weekly Recap

At Lifebridge Church Kids, we use the Gospel Project for Kids. This is a Christ-centered Bible study curriculum that looks at the big picture of God’s story—the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. Each week our lessons will follow a chronological timeline of Bible events, all the while learning how each story points to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unit 3 (Feb 25 – March 17):

Unit three in the Gospel Project for Kids shows us that God’s solution for sin, which He promised in Eden, became clearer when God made a covenant with Abraham. God promised to bring the Rescuer through Abraham’s family. This family was far from perfect and endured great adversity, but through it all, God remained faithful, revealing that nothing could stop His plan. 

Sunday, March 3 // Recap

The next time you’re in the car, try to count how many road signs you see. It will be a lot because they’re everywhere! Drivers are required to pay attention to these signs and to know the message each sign communicates. Road signs are there to help you notice what you might otherwise miss. 

As we read our Bibles, God has placed signs everywhere that are meant to draw our attention to Jesus. Long before Jesus was born, God gave us pictures of what Jesus would be like and what He would do. God did not want us to miss seeing Jesus as the hero of the story! 

God placed one of these signs in the story of Abraham. After Abraham fought to rescue his nephew Lot, he was visited by a man named Melchizedek. Melchizedek was the King of Salem, and the Bible says he was also “Priest of God Most High.” Melchizedek blessed Abraham, and then he pretty much disappeared from the story of the Bible. 

These short verses that introduce us to Melchizedek are a sign meant to point us to Jesus— the better King and greater Priest! The book of Hebrews says that Jesus is the “high priest we need: holy, innocent, undefiled, separated from sinners, and exalted above the heavens.” (Hebrews 7:26) Jesus gave Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Through faith in Him, we can have forgiveness and eternal life. Melchizedek means “king of righteousness.” Melchizedek reminds us of Jesus, an even greater priest and king who lives forever. Jesus died on the cross and rose again to bless all who trust in Him by providing forgiveness and eternal life.

Melchizedek means “king of righteousness.” Melchizedek reminds us of Jesus, an even greater priest and king who lives forever. Jesus died on the cross and rose again to bless all who trust in Him by providing forgiveness and eternal life.

The Lord does whatever pleases Him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.

Psalm 135:6

1. Why do you think priests needed to go between people and God? 

Help the kids understand that God’s perfect character means He hates sin, and will destroy it. Even so, God also loves people; we are made in His image and can show the world His glory. In the Old Testament times, a priest was needed to offer sacrifices on behalf of the people to protect people from God’s righteous anger toward sin.

2. When have you faced something hard that required you to trust God to help? 

Encourage kids to share their stories. Be prepared with examples from your own life. Guide the kids to understand that sometimes God calls us to do things that are difficult, or that may even seem impossible. Abraham had to go up against 4 armies with only 318 men! We can ask God for help and trust Him because Jesus has made the way for us to approach God boldly. 

3. What is one way you can give generously this week? 

Help kids see that when Abraham understood that Melchizedek was a high priest of the Lord, he gave him a tithe, or a tenth of all he had. When we understand that God is in complete control of our lives, we are moved to worship Him. Thinking about the generosity of Jesus’ giving His life for us often motivates us to give generously of the things we have. 

4. What is a priest? What role did priests have in Bible times?

Guide kids to recognize that priests are men whom God chose to do special work for him. In Bible times, priests came from one family—the family of Aaron, who we will hear about later. Priests led people to worship God through sacrifices and offerings. Point out that the first time a priest is mentioned in the Bible is with the introduction of Melchizedek. (Read Heb. 5:1.)

5. How should we respond to God’s blessings in our lives?

Lead kids to recall that God gave Abraham the victory. Everything we have ultimately belongs to God. Blessing and success comes from God. Abraham gave a tenth of everything he got back to God. He gave God credit instead of pretending that his success came from himself. We honor God when we give Him credit and thanks for His blessings. We can give back tithes and offerings, showing trust for His provision. (Read Prov. 3:9.)

6. How can we point others to Jesus?

Point out that as a priest of God, Melchizedek pointed Abraham to God who had given Abraham victory over his enemies. We too can point others to Jesus by acknowledging God’s blessings and blessing them by boldly telling what God has done for sinners through His Son, Jesus. (Read Eph. 1:3.)

+ Look up the origin and meaning of each family member’s name. 

+ If you chose a child’s name because of its meaning, share why you did. 

+ Talk about how the meaning of Melchizedek, “king of righteousness”, is a sign that points us to Jesus as the perfectly righteous King.