Lifebridge Kids Weekly Recap

Into the Wilderness

Unit 5: May 19 – June 16

Through a series of miracles, God had delivered His people from bondage in Egypt. The Israelites headed into the wilderness on their way to the land of promise. Their journey, however, was not just to move them from one place to another; it was also to be a time when their hearts were to be moved in worship for their God, their true Rescuer.

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Sunday, June 16 // Recap

If you were going to cook dinner for your family, you’d probably have the most success if you followed a recipe. A recipe tells you exactly what ingredients you need, how much of each ingredient you need, and the correct order and way to add each ingredient to the dish. The recipe helps you to serve a meal that tastes the way everyone expects it to taste. 

God gave the Israelites rules for how they should worship and what to do when they sinned. These rules were like a recipe that made the Israelites’ worship pleasing and acceptable to God. The Israelites were commanded to worship God through offerings and sacrifices. The offerings helped the Israelites to celebrate God and give Him thanks. They also helped the Israelites to praise God for everything He had done to save His people. 

One of the most important ways the Israelites were commanded to worship was through the sin offering. Because sin must be punished, the sin offering required the Israelites to sacrifice an animal. This sacrifice could not fully cover the penalty of sin, so more sacrifices had to be made. It was a sad reminder of the ongoing consequences of sin. 

The people continued to worship God through their offerings, but no offering or sacrifice was enough to save them. Only Jesus—the perfect Lamb of God—could pay the penalty for sin. His death was a once-and-for-all sacrifice, and faith in Him is the only recipe for salvation. God deserves our worship. He created us to be in a relationship with Him, and He has provided salvation from sin through His Son, Jesus. We can worship God by loving and obeying Him as we live to give Him glory.

Come, let’s worship and bow down; let’s kneel before the Lord our Maker. 
For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, the sheep under his care.

Psalm 95:6-7

1. Why does God deserve our worship? 

Guide kids to discuss the attributes of God that make Him, and only Him, worthy of worship. Help the kids focus on God’s power, love, kindness, holiness, and glory. Remind the kids of the wonderful things that God has done for us, such as creating us, giving us a beautiful world to enjoy, and making the way to be forgiven of sin. Help kids understand that God deserves worship both because of who He is—our Creator and King—and what He has done—demonstrated His love for us by sending Jesus.

2. What are some ways we can worship God?   

Allow the kids to suggest ways they can worship God. Encourage kids to think beyond common answers like singing at church or giving money to missions. Remind kids that everything we do for God’s glory is an act of worship. Guide them to understand that everything from trying your best at school, to honoring your parents, to enjoying your favorite hobby can all be worship when we do them to glorify God.

3. What are some things that prevent you from worshiping God?   

Encourage the kids to answer honestly. Be prepared with examples from your own life. Discuss the role our sinful desires play in leading us away from God and preventing us from living in ways that honor God—living instead for our own benefit and glory.

4. What does it mean that God is holy?

Help kids understand that God being holy means that He is perfect and totally set apart from sin. Our sin separates us from Him. God had a plan to rescue people from sin by sending His Son, Jesus, to be the payment for sin. God wants us to live in holiness as His children. (Read Eph. 1:4-7)

5. How can you tell God you are sorry for your sin? 

Lead kids to understand that while we no longer need to offer a sacrifice for our sins, we do need to come to God to deal with our sin. The first step is to trust Jesus as Savior, but Christians will still mess up. It is important for Christians to confess our sins to God, admit that we were wrong, and then turn from that sin. We can pray and confess sin with other believers, and we can seek forgiveness when we have wronged others. (Read Ps. 32:5.)

6. What are some ways you can give an offering to God?

Let kids brainstorm ideas for how they can give an offering to God. While we no longer give grain or fellowship offerings, the best way we can worship God is by surrendering our lives to Him, allowing Him to use our lives as He wants. (Read Rom. 12:1)

+ Use the Internet to look up funny or unusual laws that are technically still enforceable in the United States.

+ Talk about how those laws might have once filled a purpose but are no longer needed.

+ Now, flip through the Book of Leviticus together and read some of the laws God gave the Israelites.

+ Some of these laws are no longer needed, but they still show us how we are to relate to a holy God.

+ Talk about some of the ways your family can use offerings as a way to worship God.