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About This Study // 
Lifebridge Women will dive into the Feasts of Israel this summer as we study Leviticus 23 together. This is the book where God set forth the appointed days, or mo’edim, for His people. This study is meant to be an introduction to these appointed days, just a beginning glimpse into God’s redemptive plan for His people. As we study together, we will see that each of the 7 feasts had a specific celebratory purpose for Israel, and they are each a foreshadowing of some aspect of God’s divine plan to be fulfilled in Messiah, Jesus.

This study will be offered on Tuesday evenings only and will begin on June 6th. Books will be available for purchase each night of the Bible Study, and if you haven’t registered, you can sign up here.

Audio Files //
If you miss a week or want to listen again, just click on each week / lesson below to hear the audio recording: 

Week 1 // Sabbath

Week 2 // Feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread

Week 3 // Feast of Firstfruits

Week 4 // Feast of Weeks
(Editors Note: In the recording we mentioned 30,000 lost at Mt Sinai and 30,000 saved at Pentecost, but we meant to say 3,000.)

Week 5 // Feast of Trumpets
(Editor’s Note: This week’s audio includes testimony by Valentina Sabella and Tricia Redeker.)

Week 6 // Feast of Atonement
(Editor’s Note: These are the Scripture Verses in the New Testament mentioning Jonah that were left out of the recording: Matthew 12:39-42 and Luke 11:29-32)

Week 7 // Feast of Tabernacles – Final Week


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