Our Finest Gifts We Bring
Our Finest Gifts We Bring

When we think about the Christmas season, we can’t help but think of all there is to be grateful for - especially celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Savior. As the Lifebridge team sat down to dream about what could be possible in 2024 - we were reminded of The Little Drummer Boy and the wonder of this season -

A new born king to see
Pa rum pum pum pum

Our finest gifts we bring
Pa rum pum pum pum

That’s what we want for our church as we close out the year - to bring our finest gifts and lay them before the King.

As we sang these words together, we kept thinking about our kids and student ministries and how we’ve heard story after story this year from families who have made Lifebridge their home because their kids love it here.

As 2023 comes to a close, we know you may be thinking about giving an end of year gift above and beyond your normal tithe, and we would love for you to consider standing with Lifebridge as we dream about creating a more welcoming environment for our kids and students in 2024.

With a kids wing that is approaching 15 years old and has never been rehabbed, we have a lot of projects to work on to create an environment that is welcoming for our current families along with new families who have yet to walk through the door.

After much prayer, we are being bold to set a goal of $250,000 to help with the following projects -

  • Improving Children and Student Ministries facilities to accommodate the growing participation - this includes updating our preschool and elementary areas, updating the kids auditorium and youth hangout and if resources allow*, updating the ABS rooms that our student ministry uses on Wednesday nights.
  • Fresh paint & materials - to improve wear and tear in lobby and common areas, and if resources allow*, updating the welcome and connect centers along with the cafe, since these are the first areas new families see when they walk through the door.
  • Continuing to enhance outdoor lighting and if resources allow, parking, ingress & egress improvements - to better facilitate the coming and going of the increase in visitors vehicles which all help to provide a safer environment for our Awana kids and WAKE Students along with other groups who meet here on campus at night.

*While we can make the most necessary improvements in these areas for $250,000, anything above and beyond that goal would also allow us to finish the entire list mentioned above.

Will you prayerfully consider joining us as we bring our finest gifts this Christmas season? It will take all of us coming together to make it happen, but we believe God has some big things ahead for Lifebridge through our kids and student ministries.

If you are ready to stand with Lifebridge, click the GIVE button to give your gift now.

Thank you for making Lifebridge Church your home. We are grateful for the family God has assembled here, and we can't wait to see what God has planned for our House in the new year ahead.