Winter Garden: Young Adults
Hosted by: Timothy Bauer
Thursday at 2:00 pm (Monthly)

YA Men

Winter Garden


Our group is called Upward, and our focus is on personal/vocational growth.

This group is for people who have dreams, goals, desires for their future, the oomph it takes to pursue them, while also wanting accountability and encouragement.

Examples of the type of people:

  • Someone trying to grow a business
  • Someone trying to grow their social media
  • Someone trying to build a career around their passion

Who are we?:

James Carbary: went from working for a logistics company to building a 3x inc 5000 podcast production company called Sweet Fish Media.

Current goals:

  • better habits around studying God's word
  • to develop a stronger product offering and increase profit percentage

Timmy Bauer: went from being a character performer at Disney to a touring/best-selling children's book author and owner of Dinosaur House, a kids book production company.

Current goals:

  • to grow youtube channel from 3k to 10k
  • to go from month to month revenue to monthly recurring revenue

This group is open to all young adults and there is not not a plan for childcare for this CREW. We meet the first and last Sunday of every month at 2p.

We would love to meet the tiktoker-in-the-making at Lifebridge, or the person who's about to launch a successful car washing business, or the next sports agent. Anyone looking to grow vocationally is WELCOME!

Winter Garden
Thursday at 2:00 pm (Monthly)
Group Type:
YA Men
Timothy Bauer
James Carbary