Join Our Hospitality Team
Join the Hospitality Team

The hospitality team at Lifebridge Church could use your help! Our team not only greets your family on Sunday mornings with hot coffee and donuts at the cafe, we also take care of anything food and beverage related that takes place at the church throughout the week. We’re also involved with Baptism setup and clean up, plant care around the church as well as ordering and organizing all the supplies needed for events. If that wasn’t enough, our team also provides breakfast on Sunday mornings for our worship and serve teams who volunteer their time during gatherings. We’re also the team who puts together a meal train for families in our church during life changing events. 

This team is often behind the scenes making sure our church is organized, beautiful and inviting! If you love to jump in the kitchen to make a meal or you find laundry, organizing or even gardening therapeutic, we invite you to join us! 

We have a place for your passion on the hospitality team, so let us know you would like to join by clicking through to fill out the form and let us know the areas where you would have a passion to serve.